Let’s Celebrate!

For some students, myself included, university is drawing to a close. After all that working, stressing and panicking, it’s finally over. So I think it’s time to look back and celebrate how far you’ve come with your degree and how much you have achieved over your university life by treating yourself. Which is why today I have picked out some fun things you can do to celebrate graduating university with your friends and course mates.

If you have some money left over from your student life, you might want to consider travelling, whether that’s in the UK or abroad. I recently did a blog post about the topic of travelling, as if you haven’t travelled much before it can seem a little daunting, so if you want any advice on how to travel as a student, go check out that post.

You might wish to go out for a meal or a takeaway with your flatmates or course friends to celebrate your new lives starting! Within town there are places such as Wetherspoons, Toby Carvery, and Cobble which vary in price and food, so pick out a nice place and celebrate. Alternatively, you can always order takeaway and stay in watching Netflix.

If you’re more into movies you could always go to the cinema. Locally there is the Odeon in Liverpool, Cineworld in St Helens, or my personal favourite, Vue in Southport as films are £4.99 every day! A cinema trip is a great way to celebrate and in some cases say goodbye to some course friends who you may not be best friends with, but you’re still going to miss.

After all the stress of exams and coursework, some people just need some retail therapy. So hop on a train to Liverpool and treat yourself to a much needed relaxing retail therapy trip. Or alternatively just enjoy Liverpool if you don’t live locally, be a tourist, have fun.

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you found it somewhat useful when it comes to celebrating your achievement of finishing uni! I hope you have an amazing week.
Until next time!

Film/Show of the day: Arrested Development (2003-)


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