Five things I wish I’d known before coming to Edge Hill

Starting university can be a time filled with a mix of emotions. Hopefully these few tips will help calm any nerves and be a reminder of all of the amazing things you will be able to do at Edge Hill.

Firstly, it is important to know you will find your way around campus VERY quickly! You’ll find landmarks such as the Hub and Creative Edge and will be able to use these to plan y our way around this beautiful campus.

Then there are the people at Edge Hill. So many different people – different ages, backgrounds and experiences all together that within a short amount of time you will have made friends. You’ll find people with similar interests but also more excitingly, you will meet lots of people who have different hobbies and interests to you and you’ll learn so much from these people.

Thirdly, it is perfectly okay to be totally yourself. This may be the first time you’ve lived away from home or with friends. You may be feeling worried about what to wear or how you will ever learn to cook or even if you’re interests are interesting enough! These are all common worries however they really don’t need to be. The best bit of advice I can give is to just be yourself. This will help you to settle in and will make you feel more comfortable. You will very quickly enjoy the excitement of all of these new experiences.

Perhaps one of the things I’ve learnt most this year is that university is about so much more than getting a degree. There are so many opportunities, from joining a sports club or society to spending time learning a new language or increasing your academic skills. There is also lots to do in and around Ormskirk and you are only a train ride away from all that there is to see and do in Liverpool too 🙂 Employers will see your commitment to improving your skills and knowledge and this will help with future employment.

Finally, work out what is important to you before you start and make a plan. Whether it is going to the SU Bar during Freshers week to meet new friends, talking to other students on your course to get to know them better or simply going for a walk around campus. Always remember to enjoy your time at Edge Hill as it goes so quickly!

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