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I am currently coming to the end of my second year at Edge Hill, and from the title of this post you can probably guess that I am an English Literature student. I thought that if any of you are wondering what types of modules are offered on this degree programme then this post would be super helpful! So I am going to tell you about the modules I took this year!

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  1. Renaissance Drama

This compulsory module was one that was particularly challenging to me, as I had never studied anything from the Renaissance period before so it was a lot to take in. Yet because of this, I also gained a lot from it as I found learning about this era extremely interesting. Some of the plays on the module were also really engaging and this tutors enthusiasm for the module was definitely really encouraging.

2. Romanticism

Another compulsory module in which we studied authors such as Jane Austen and Mary Shelley. This was definitely one of my favourite modules of the year, I felt like I really engaged with the material as well as really enjoying it. If you enjoy poetry and anything from the 18th century then you will love this!

3. Writing the Supernatural

This reading on this module was by far my favourite of the year, from The Woman In Black to The Turn of the Screw. Again, I had never really delved into horror fiction before and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Through this module, we also got to go on a trip to Liverpool on the ‘Shiverpool Ghost tour’, this was a really good opportunity for me and it was also really fun.

4. Texts In motion

This cross curricular module is really good if you fancy something that’s a bit different and not just strictly literature. This module analyses the different theories on how literary texts are adapted for the big screen. Some of the texts we studied included, The Lord of the Rings  and Bride and Prejudice.

5. Pilgrims Progess (Children’s Literature)

This module is great if you want to go into a career that is orientated around children, such as teaching. Or, if you want to reminisce on some childhood classics. In this module, you learn all about different critical approaches to children’s literature and how adults control what our children read. Texts include; Fantastic Mr Fox, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and Harry Potter.

6. Contemporary American Literature

In this module, you will study a range of texts that shaped America into how it is today. It includes, the Vietnam War and the 1950s domestic ideal. If you enjoy learning about American history and the past of its people then this module will be really good. Some of the texts included American Psycho, Revolutionary Road and Jazz.

I hope you find this helpful and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

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