“Why Should I Join/Start a Society at University?”

For me, societies are a key part of the university life. Societies enhance your university experience overall as it can open the doors to many opportunities. ‘But why should I consider joining one?’ you may be asking yourself. Which is what I will be talking about today!

Socialising with others, of course, plays a huge part in being in a society. It’s fundamentally a place where people can meet and gather with others. Which is especially great as they’re usually like-minded people who you share a common interest with. And gives you a chance to meet people from different backgrounds and courses, who you might not have met otherwise.    

Additionally, you might learn a new skill if you join a society, for example, ‘Sign Language’ society. Or even vibe media as I learnt how to run a radio show! Through learning something new, you’re gaining experience that would look great on your cv while having fun at the same time!

Overall there’s a massive range of societies to choose from if those don’t take your fancy, from Veggie to Rock Climbing, there’s a lot on offer. As well as having the ability to create a society, if acceptable, from one of your hobbies or interest, but that’s a blog post for a different time.So the next step if you want to join a society is signing up.

Signing up is as simple as putting your name down at freshers fair, to clicking a button on the student union website, yes, that simple. And with many societies being free, you can sign up to as many as your schedule will let you!

As I mentioned before you actually have the ability to create a society, which is what I did. In my first and second year, I was president of Disney society, which I set up at the beginning of my first year as the last Disney society had disbanded. My experience of running a society was a positive one, as I was able to gain skills in time management and organisation, as well as help build my CV up more, and got to go on cinema trips with my society!  

I hope you got something from this post, or learnt something new. And that you have a great week.
Until next time!

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