Its the end of year! Second Year Summary

Hi everyone,

We are finally at our final week of the semester and the idea of summer is well and truly upon us!

In a few weeks, all our assignments will be behind us and we can relax! Second year has definitely been a change in comparison with last year. It has tested me at times but I have learnt a lot from that so if something happens that disheartens you it will all be ok in the end as you will make sure you don’t do it again!

For me, I feel like now that I don’t live in on campus accommodation and now only live with three other people I felt like I have maintained amazing friendships with the people on my course which has been really nice. Making friends with people on your course is also good as you can all help each other with assignments and other things.

Being able to do optional modules has also been a good change from first year as it has allowed me to focus on topics that really interest me which means I am more engaged in my lectures and seminars.

I hope you have all had an amazing year and let’s hope that next year is even better!

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