I’m Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

Hello again!

Since us Brits are enjoying a heat wave right now, I thought it would be fun to talk about what you can do at Edge Hill to make the most out of this rare sunshine! I have just finished my first week of placement, and I can tell you that a classroom can become like a sauna at times… so it’s great to get some fresh air and sun! (I definitely need it).

1. Coronation Park

In Ormskirk just next to Morrison’s, Coronation Park is the perfect place to chill with your friends and people-watch! With an ice cream van there on sunny days, and lots of space for a kick around, it makes a great break from work.

2. Picnic Weather!

My friends and I sometimes enjoy getting picnic food from Morrison’s and having a picnic together in the park! As cringey as that sounds, you should definitely suggest it! Tanning and food are two of every student’s favourite things…


After walking outside for a while it can get tiring – so treat yo self and grab yourself an ice cream!!

4. Outside Cinema

Personally, I have never actually been to an outside cinema before but it is something I have always wanted to do! My brother went to one in Manchester last summer so there should be some up north (when the weather is like this!).

5. Sand and the Sea

A classic way to enjoy the sunshine is a trip to the beach! With Ainsdale and Southport Beach being a small drive or train journey away, you can pretend you’re actually abroad!

6. Biking

If you’re someone with lots of energy or enjoys nature, biking in Ormskirk is also a good way to enjoy the sunshine! Edge Hill even have their own bikes which you can borrow for the day.

Well… I hope you all enjoy the heat wave whilst it lasts! Lets hope I haven’t jinxed the situation and there won’t be a thunderstorm tomorrow… have a lovely weekend!!

Anna 🙂

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