Sharing Accommodation in First Year

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely Easter break catching up with friends and family. As uni is only a few months away (exciting!) I thought I would share my thoughts/tips about living in halls with your flat mates since it makes up such a big part of university life.

  • Create quality time together

Fresher’s week can seem a bit manic, and by the end of your amazing first week you may feel absolutely shattered! One of the best ways to get to know people is to organise nights in as well as your nights out. Watching a film, cooking a flat meal (or getting a take away) and playing games are great ways to enjoy time with your flat mates! You may feel overwhelmed after meeting so many new people, but avoiding spending time with the people you’re going to live with for a year isn’t the best way to go!

  • Be considerate

There is nothing worse than coming in after a long day of lectures to find the kitchen in a mess. Try to keep personal mess in your own space, or create a cleaning rota – something which my flat mates and I wish we figured out earlier!

  • Introduce yourself to those around you

Another tip is to say hi to the people living above or below you in your block of flats. Flat pres are the best when EVERYONE is involved!

  • Share equipment

And finally… limit the amount of kitchen equipment you need to bring. Look at what will already be available (such as a kettle, toaster etc…) on the Edge Hill Utilities List you will be provided with prior to arriving. Last year, we ended up with 3 smoothie makers, 2 kettles, 10 tea towels and 394,000 mugs.

So I hope these few ideas are good starting points to prepare for university accommodation. The main thing is respect which goes a long way. And of course, the next main thing is to put yourself out there – be friendly and accepting of everybody you meet… and HAVE FUN.

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