Make Life Easy: Bullet Journaling for Students!

University life is hectic, and it can be hard on times to take a break or step away from technology, which is why I suggest keeping a bullet journal. Bullet journals are a customisable, organisation diary. You can use it for your to-do list, use it as a sketchbook, notebook, and diary. By keeping a journal not only can you make sure to keep up to date with everything, you can always plan some time for yourself. So put on a relaxing Spotify playlist, make yourself a cup of tea, and grab a notebook as I tell you bullet journal page ideas that will make your life easier!   

First off start out by making a page of your timetable for this month. In this timetable, you can include classes (when they are and where they are e.g time and room), society meetings, social events, doctors appointments, study time and outside university work times.

After creating your timetable, you can add a column with all your due date/deadlines for that month. That way you can keep track of how much time you have for an assignment or essay that is due. Additionally, to make it more fun, create another column next to the deadline one, which will be your ‘countdown clock‘ to fun events, such as concerts, and parties. 

You might want to create a weekly planner. This page is full of to-do lists with days and tasks set out clearly. Very similar to the timetable page, however, with more creativity and fun as you can use this page to meal plan, work out when you have time to exercise and budget your student finance!

You may want to include mind maps in your journal. Mind maps are great for releasing your ideas and thoughts visually, making it easier to organise. Mind maps work for both university work, and personal life.

You can create a study log, a page which keeps track of how much you have studied. This may seem boring but by monitoring this aspect of your university life, you can change and improve your studying habits to ensure your attention on any one of your modules never slips.

Additionally, you may want to include a project planner. Set aside a page for every upcoming essay and assignment, and start managing your project by outlining the tasks that you need to complete, or mind maps on what you can talk about in an essay or any other ideas that come to your head!

Finally, having a place to doodle and get your thoughts out can be very therapeutic. Every page can be drawn and laid out to suit your style. And at the end of the month, you have something to look back on which sums up that month for you, with pictures, plans and doodles.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed this! If you love being organised and have a hoard of stationery, then I’m sure this will be a great addition to your student life.
Until next time!

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