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Hello everyone!

It’s that time of year again where it’s module choice week! It is really important that you don’t forget to pick your modules for next year. If you are starting your first year, once you have enrolled online after results day, you will be able to choose your modules at a later date closer to when you join us at Edge Hill.

Don’t forget that the deadline for module choice is 23rd March 2018 which is only two days away so if you haven’t already chosen then make sure you do!

When picking your modules, your department will probably upload a timetable with all your modules placed on it in order for you to pick the modules that you want to do without them clashing.

Optional modules are really good for you being able to study something that you are really passionate about, a lot of courses are really good for allowing a lot of variety when it comes to your optional modules so there is definitely something for everybody. You can also find out how they are assessed so if you would rather to practical assessment to coursework then this is definitely something to consider

So once you have picked your modules and it adds up to the compulsory specified 120 credits, you need to arrange a meeting with your personal tutor. This is so that they can check your choices and confirm that they are the right ones for you and there is no clashes.

If you have any questions about modules on your course then make sure to get in touch with your department or personal tutor.

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