Winter Wonderland – Snow at Edge Hill

The snow fell not once, but twice here at Edge Hill over the last couple of weeks, first brought in by the Beast from the East and then a freak flurry this week caused by the Pest from the West! Over these snow days, the uni actually only officially closed once, and even then, there were some brave lecturers and staff that managed to make it in to teach and to feed us (free breakfast was brilliant!) which is testament to how much dedication to work and their jobs that everyone who works here has.

Edge Hill campus in Ormskirk is already a beautiful place to live and work, but with a dusting of snow, it really came to life – and looked like something straight off of a post card.

The official closure of the uni also gave us on-campus students a chance to go out and play in the snow, which for me (being from the South East of England, where the last time we had any considerable amount of snow was upwards of five years ago) was a lot of fun. Because the campus is very open and has lots of natural spaces, there was plenty of snow to go around. The only residents that weren’t best pleased where the ducks!

I’ll leave you now with a collection of photos and some videos which capture how beautiful and fun the snow was!

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