Student Union Elections 2018 / Project Open Door [Part 3] – Election Results!

So, this is just a quick – but rather important – update!

I’m writing this as soon as humanely possible after the event, because…


So that I don’t ramble for 2 millenia, here were the official results!


Full-Time Officers:

President: Joe Bradford

VP Academic Representation: Luke Myer

VP Activities: Dan Bocharnikov

VP Welfare: Molly Houghton


Part-Time Officers:

Student Governer: Luke Myers

BME Officer: Toyin Nadine Martins

International Students’ Officer: Lisa Stambuli

Manchester Representative: David Shaw

Women’s Officer: Kate Vickers

LGBQ+ Officer: Molly Smallwood

Disabled Students’ Officer: Katie Holmes

Postgraduate Students’ Officer: Helena Senior

Trans & Non-Binary Officer: Max Beaton

Mature & Part-Time Officer: N/A (As no-one was registered to run for this position, there may be an re-election at a later date. I’ll keep y’all updated on this!)

So, there’s your Student Union officers for the 2018/19 year!

…but this series is far from over.

Over the coming weeks, I will be interviewing all of the officers so that YOU get to hear – straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were – their plans for the next academic year!

Until then, DFTBA and PEACE!

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