Social Science London First Year Trip

Last week I took part in a fantastic educational trip to London with 30 first year social science students. It was an amazing experience and something which I would highly recommend to anyone. Although the trips can’t be guaranteed to run each year, any educational visit of this type would always come highly recommended.

On Wednesday we set off from a snowy campus, stopping on our way down before checking into our hotel room for a quick turn around before our first visit. This was to the Foundling Museum where we were greeted by a very friendly and informative tour guide. It was such an interesting visit, from learning about the history of the Foundling Hospital to the tokens the mothers would hand over as a way of identifying their child. The fundraising methods they used in the past still live on today which I thought was a lovely touch. In the evening we had some free time and this was the perfect opportunity to get to know others on the trip.

Thursday morning started perfectly with a big breakfast before heading out to the Natural History Museum. The afternoon we did a mock court trial in the Royal Courts of Justice which was an experience I thought I would never have and it was fascinating to learn more about the legal justice system in the UK. It was also an opportunity to work with other students who I’d not yet spoken to on my course and learn more about them.

In the evening we were treated to Wicked at the Apollo Victoria which was amazing! It was an opportunity to think back over the day and everything we had all achieved too.

On the Friday we visited Harrow School before heading back to uni. The campus looked stunning covered in a layer of thick white snow, with possibly the coldest wind I’ve ever felt! Hearing about the education delivered there was very interesting, from how it was founded in 1572 and how it grew from a school just for boys in the Harrow area to the well-known school that it is today.

I would highly recommend any student to take part in as many opportunities of this kind as they can. Not only was it a good opportunity to meet others on my course but I learned so much more about each of the places we visited than I ever would have without this trip.

Looking over a snowy London from the top of Harrow Hill

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