Student Union Elections 2018 / Project Open Door [Part 1] – A Guide For The Confused

Well, it’s that time of the year again! SU Elections season!

And for those who have little/no clue as to what I mean, I am here to explain all!

During every academic year, there are several elections held by the Edge Hill Student Union. (for those who don’t know what a Student Union is, they essentially ask as the “student voice” – think of it like Student Councils from High School, except on a much larger scale!)

Every student (with certain exceptions, depending on the specific election) can vote – because to get the best view of the students, every person should be given the chance to make their view known! (The only exception to this “every student” rule is, as stated prior, based on the specific election. If a society has a committee election, for example, they only really need the input of the people who regularly attend the society!)

Voting in an election is stupidly easy! All you need is access to the SU website [] and a University login! Once you login to the website, it’s only a couple of clicks to read manifestos and submit your votes! (In all elections, there’s a “candidate” called Re-Open Nominations. Essentially, if you don’t want to vote for a candidate, you can vote for a new election to be held instead.)

All elections are run using the Single-Transferable Vote. So, should your first candidate ger knocked out by having the least amount of votes when voting closes, then your vote will then get funneled into your second choice. If they subsequently get knocked out, then your vote goes into your third choice, and so on and so forth.

Once the votes get funneled down to the final candidate, they (assuming no major controversy takes place) get the position! Depending on the specific election, they either start immediately (for emergency elections), July (for general Union elections, such as the one this involves) or April (for Society elections).

So, this is the first post in a large project called Project Back Door. Essentially, I will be reporting on every part of the Society Election process. As I’m writing this, Candidates’ Question Time (essentially like Prime Minister’s Question Time, but with the caviats of about 40 prospective “Prime Ministers” for 14 different “countries” in a “federation” and an “opposition” of about… how many students there are enrolled at Edge Hill – I’m certain it changes every time I check!) is only a few hours away. And, yes: I will be making notes on the ENTIRE event! Why? Because SOMEONE has to!

So expect to see Part 2: Candidates’ Question Time on here tomorrow! Apart from that and the announcement of the new officers on Friday, there’s not gonna be much else to talk about! So, until tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll see you next time!


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