The best things I found about living on campus

Hey all! Hope you’re doing well and the cold weather isn’t too much of an issue for you!

Last year, I lived on campus in the Back Halls accommodation. As a student, you have three main accommodation choices: live on campus, live in a student house off campus or travel into uni. Travelling into uni is only really good for local people, which ruled me out, being from West Yorkshire!

I’m living in a student house this year, however, I chose to live on campus last year, and it had some real benefits!

  • Being close to your lessons: if ever I was running late or wanted a bit more sleep, my lesson were usually only a 5 minute walk away! It made life a lot less stressful for me. This year, living in Ormskirk town centre, it takes me 20 minutes to walk up, so if I’m running late I can be late for classes. So it’s a huge advantage to live on campus!
  • Studying: if you need to get a book from the library or want to find somewhere to study quietly, it’s all near where you live! If it takes a while to get somewhere to study it can often make you think “can’t I just do it in my room?”, which makes me even more unproductive! So having the library nearby is great!
  • Food: you can take advantage of all the lovely food places on campus! There’s the Hub, the Red Bar in the Arts Centre, the SU takeaway and since September the on-campus Subway!
  • Stress relief: just living on campus let’s you wander around it when you’re stressed! It’s a really lovely place to walk around, so it’s great if you live right on the campus itself!
  • Friends: you’re probably going to be near to a lot of people that will become your friends, which means you can always go and do something fun together!

So those are some of the benefits! There’s so much that comes out of living on campus, so it’s always great to consider it for at least first year.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment them below!

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