Our Beautiful Snowy Campus!!!

Hey guys, hope you’re well. And also, I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful weather if you were blessed like us and our campus were… It’s snowed at Edge Hill!!! It snowed last year when I was in my first year, but it never really stuck that much, so I got to finally see the campus in all its snowy glory!

The campus has always been one of the best parts about being an Edge Hill student. I’ve always loved it, it’s honestly stunning. It’s also really great to explore and walk around if you’re feeling stressed and you want a break from the stress, or if you just want a moment to breathe and think. Whenever I couldn’t sleep last year, I used to walk around the campus to calm my mind down. There’s also campus security 24/7, so it’s super safe to do this! At the end of last year, the campus was announced as the safest campus in the North West for the sixth year running!

So, I collected some pictures off Instagram from this fantastically snowy day to show you just how wonderful the campus looks!


For all current students on campus reading this and all prospective students, stay safe and be careful. Wrap up warm and wear decent shoes! This kind of weather and beauty is no fun when you’re inside injured!

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