It’s Nearly Time for Placement!

As Easter is approaching, it means it’s nearly time to enter the classroom again. As part of my primary education course we have one block of professional practice each year. It goes as follows:

Year 1 – 6 weeks

Year 2 – 8 weeks

Year 3 – 10 weeks

Last year I was placed in a lovely year 1 class at a primary school in Crosby. Although it involved a lot of time and hard work, it was an experience I know I will always remember and benefit from (apart from the tonsillitis I got during the last week…that wasn’t the best way to end it). I have learned a lot from that… take vitamins, drink water and buy some hand sanitizer!

Obviously, only particular courses include placements such as teaching, radiography, nursing etc. So here is some advice for any of you who are entering such a course!

  1. Have early nights

We all have those nights when we’re watching a TV series, then we look at the clock to see it’s 3am. As tempting as this is, waking up a few hours later is almost impossible (well, for me it was). Once you have your paperwork done for that day, relax and try to get some sleep!

  1. Make plans over the weekends

Whether it’s with your friends or your family, it’s always important to have something to look forward to. Remember you’re still at university…

  1. Recognise the support around you

For myself, most days were filled with useful teaching approaches I know I will use when I’m qualified. However, all the planning and assessments could be stressful at times. Fortunately, you have so many people you can go to for support – your personal tutor, visiting tutor and classroom teacher are some examples. I never felt out of my depth because I knew there were people to go to if I had any problems or queries.

  1. Smile

Placement is a very special time which can go very quickly! Grasp every opportunity such as providing extra help for school clubs. Since my course is only 3 years, I am trying to get the most out of these experiences to feel prepared after graduation. So my biggest snippet of advice for professional practice is to enjoy the thing you love to do!!

I hope this is useful, leave me a comment if you have any questions!

Speak soon, Anna 🙂

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