The weekend just gone was exactly one year since I first made the 200 mile journey from home to Edge Hill, and I haven’t looked back since. Musical Theatre (my course,) being an Arts course, requires you to complete a successful audition/interview as well as entry grades. The audition day consisted of three parts, a dance audition, a song audition, and the infamous written task.

Because I was travelling from so far away, and my audition started at 9 in the morning, I decided to stay in Ormskirk the night before. Of course, as I had never been before, I had no idea where I could stay, so I contacted Edge Hill by email to ask if they had any suggestions,and they provided me with a list of different  places that they recommend to anyone visiting the uni- so I booked in to one of those.  After finishing the 8 hour train journey, I navigated from the train station up through town and to my home for the night. It was there that I first started to feel really good about my choice. Everyone I came across was incredibly friendly and welcoming, if a little mocking of my very obvious ‘not a local’ accent! After checking in, I went for a little wonder around the town and decided that a stop at Domino’s was the best place for food, and luckily where I was staying was only a 3 minute walk from the shop.

The next morning, after not having the best nights sleep, due to nerves, I got myself ready, had a sing through of my audition song in the shower (it’s great for warming up!) and made the trek up to uni. If I had known then what I know now, I would have either just walked up to the bus stop and caught the EdgeLink bus up to uni, or have booked a taxi, as it only costs about £3 from town, which would have saved me some energy for the day, instead of hauling my bags with me.

When I arrived on campus, despite having no clue where I was, the area was so well sign posted that I was able to find where I needed to be in plenty of time to get signed in in the Arts Centre, where my audition, and several other courses where taking place. Before too long, the day had started and we were warming up to dance first- which was a great experience as it was a taste of what the dance module in first year would be like. After warming up, we were taught a short routine which was broken down into small easy to learn chunks, and were encouraged at all times to ask any questions if we were confused. We then performed the routine (which had a small amount of improvisation in) in small groups and then that was it- what to me was the most daunting part of the day was over, and I was feeling pretty good, even though I knew what I had done wasn’t perfect.

We were then given a few minutes to break, get changed if we wanted to, and grab something to eat before the next part of the day- singing. We were all gathered back into the dance studio (which also had a piano in) and warmed up vocally as a group, and taking into consideration what style we would be singing in. After that, we waited in a room with current student, who we could ask any questions we had about the course, for our turn to sing. When it got to me, I sang through my song twice. Once as I had prepared it, and a second time with some direction from the lecturer conducting my audition. I was also asked a few questions about why I’d chosen the song, and about the character I was portraying.

After this was done, it was on to the written task. We were given two questions to answer, both appropriate to the subject we would be studying. This task is one of the many reasons I knew I wanted to come to Edge Hill, as it gave me an insight into the content of the course- I liked that it wasn’t 100% practical, that there would be an element of academic work included too.

After that, we were done! We were offered campus tours while we were there too, so we could see more of were we might be studying in September, and given the opportunity to ask any other questions we might have.

Overall, my audition experience at Edge Hill was incredibly positive, and made me feel very welcomed and that I was already a part of the department- which was a huge deciding factor when I chose to come to Edge Hill.


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