Pride Week 2018!

Hey all, I hope you’re doing well!

Two weeks ago today, the Edge Hill Student’s Union started their annual celebration of the LGBTQ community- Pride Week! They organise events for both people within the community and allies, and also raise awareness of certain things surrounding the community. As it was such a fantastic week, I thought I’d tell you what was happening so you can get an idea of what opportunities there are!

Monday 5th

  • Pronouns Workshop (5pm)- a workshop to raise awareness of how pronouns are used and how to approach the topic
  • SU Pub Quiz (7pm onwards)- there is a pub quiz in the SU every monday, however, this week they included some Pride rounds!

Tuesday 6th

  • Pride in Sport and Societies Workshop (4:30pm)
  • Team Edge Hill Forum (5pm)- the BUCS sports teams signed the 2018 Pride Pledge during the forum

Wednesday 7th

  • BUCS games- the teams wore rainbow laces for their games today!
  • Pride Social (9pm)- the SU bar’s social event, but in honour of Pride week!

Thursday 8th

  • Banner Making and Film Night (7pm onwards)- in the Hub, people were invited to make banners for the Pride March the next day and they screened the film PRIDE for those who wanted to watch

Friday 9th

  • Pride March (12pm)- students and staff were invited to take part in a march for Pride week
  • SU Drag Race (7pm onwards)- the SU held its very first Drag Race inspired by Ru Paul’s Drag Race! The Drag Race was presented by two of the SU representatives, Ben and Luke, the judges were students and teachers at Edge Hill, and all the performers were students of Edge Hill! £1 of every ticket was also donated to Stonewall
The contestants, judges and presenters of the SU Drag Race! (P.S. I’m the one in the purple wig!!!)

So that’s a general overview of the events! The University was decorated with rainbows galore, and the front building was even lit up in the Pride flag for the week!

Overall, it was a fantastic and fun-filled week, and I’m really looking forward to next year’s!

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