Society Shoutout (Part 2/3) – Anime

So, why these three socieites deserve a shoutout is… a long story. To put it short, they all banded together to put together an Ethos to improve socieites for all involved. The three committees had a 3-hour meeting – on a SUNDAY EVENING – and came up with these rules, so they deserve all the recognition they – and their societies – can get!

Anime – for those who don’t know – is a form of japanese animation that is… um… I actually don’t entirely know how to describe Anime! Anyway, a group of us meet up every Thursday in the HUB building (like Pokemon+ in the last installment) and watch… anime. OK, I swear this sounded SO much better in my head, but if you enjoy anime, there is not a better group of people to enjoy it with! The group is lovely and lively, and we’re all there just to have a good time!

Add in the monthly events, with span from Japanese Culture Nights to Valentine’s Bingo (CARD GAMES! …it’s a closed reference, I’m not gone crazy!) to the now-infamous Bad Dub Nights, there’s an event for everyone! Plus, Showcase challenges and prizes for frequent attendees make it more rewarding to keep going back!

So, the reason that this society deserves a shoutout is not necessarily due to the committee (although, they do definitely deserve one!), it’s more due to their dedication. They have gone through some difficult times over the past few months – I won’t go into specifics – but not once have they given up. Seeing them bounce back time after time, changing and adapting, is truly amazing. If you had seen what they had been through, you’d truly understand what I mean. But trust me when I say this – they definitely deserve a round of applause!

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