So, as has been documented several times on every University platform possible, we have a lot – a LOT – of socieites on campus. But I personally feel that they don’t get a proper shout-out of appreciation. So, that’s what I’m gonna do!

[As the title suggests, this will be a three-part series! There is a specific reason why I’ve chosen these three socieities – see Part 2: Anime for more!]

Pretty much everyone knows what Pokemon is. If you don’t, then… congratulations, actually!

Well, if you like Pokemon, then the Pokemon+ Society is a perfect choice! Meeting in the HUB building every Wednesday afternoon, we play not only Pokemon, but a wide variety of Nintendo games, from Super Mario Maker challenges (including the now-infamous “Screw You: The Musical”, A.K.A. What happens when you spend 15 hours on a Mario level…) to Breath of the Wild shenanigans, there’s a game for everyone!

There’s also monthly(-ish) FREE tournaments for gamers to take part in! Frequent events include Pokemon Showdown Beat-The-Commitee Elite Four and Single-Elimination ARMS [1-time champ, baby!] and are accessible to all ability levels!

Now that the generic sell is over, why this society deserves a shoutout!

The four current officers (Danni, Ryan S, Ryan C / Not-Zero and Luke) do an amazing job at making the society friendly and accessible to anyone who wants to turn up, whether they come every week or just for the odd session. They make sure that everyone’s involved if they want to and they allow people to set up their own games if nothing interests them (within reason, of course. They wouldn’t allow a massive game of Tag, for instance!) With the Society Elections next month, and most of them moving on to other pastures, there will be a new committee in place next year. And I can only hope they can do at least half-as-well as the current committee has done. Because, quite frankly, Pokemon+ deserves that love.

Plus, the people who go are awesome and I’m running for Treasurer, so… bias?

Yeah, bias.

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