Global Game Jam 2018 – 48 Hours of Madness!

So, I (along with the rest of my team) have finally recovered from the Global Game Jam this last weekend.

“But, Caleb!” I hear you say at your screen, “This is a blog about University stuff!”

Well, the Global Game Jam is officially supported by the University, and is open to any Computer Science and Creative Writing students.

It’s a 48-hour event where teams of students have to make a game, where digital or tabletop, based on a specific theme each year. This year, the theme was Transmission. Previous years have had themes like Waves, Extinction, an Ouroboros or a heartbeat. You literally don’t know the theme until it’s announced in your area.

With such a wide theme as Transmission, of course most of the games involved some form of virus or zombies. The group I was in went on a slightly different path. Our game (called Hero Chronicle) involves a group of heroes fighting against an evil god and his Plague. The theme of “Transmission” revolved around the heroes’ powers rather than the Plague seen in the game. As the theme was left so open, teams were able to come up with any ideas.

The Game Jam also gave special diversifiers to work with as extra “challenges”. One of these diversifiers, Final Countdown, requires you to make a completely seperate game in the last hour of the Game Jam. So, being the lunatic I am, I made a new game (called VIRUS.exe) which relies on transmitting commands to characters in order to take control of a computer network.

If the two games I was involved in doesn’t show the variety of games, you can find the full list of games made here. If you want just the games made at Edge Hill, the full list is here. You can find the specific page for Hero Chronicle here and VIRUS.exe here.

This is one of the events that show that, should you take every opportunity you can, you can take part in many events you wouldn’t otherwise! To anyone who’s interested, I’ll see you at Global Game Jam 2019!

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