I don’t know about you, but before coming to University one of my main worries was ‘making friends.’ Where will I meet new people? What if I don’t fit in? How do I introduce myself? Well…here’s some tips.

Be Yourself

First impressions are important. But if you’re not yourself, what is the point? You’ll only start to feel comfortable around others if they like you for who you are, and not something you’re not. That way, you’ll gradually learn about one another’s common interests which could lead to a close friendship.

Worry Less About Social Media

I was also added to the group chats before coming to university – one for the course and another for the accommodation. It was really useful to get the chance to introduce yourself and ask any questions. However,  I wouldn’t worry too much about talking to everyone over Facebook beforehand, because you’ll have nothing to talk about on your first day! (plus, talking in person is better than over social media – ironic that I’m talking about this over the internet but you get the gist).

Keep Calm and Carry On

Just remember…everybody is in the same boat, so they are just as nervous as you are! For that reason, just take one day at a time and talk to everybody you meet. With time, you’ll realise who you’ll get on really well with.

Grasp All Opportunities

You’ll have the chance to meet new people through many ways; societies, lectures and going out. Grab any opportunity you can, not only to meet new people but for yourself too.

Don’t Judge

Be open-minded and accept everybody for who they are. Listen to others and learn from the people around you.


I hope these few tips will help you feel less overwhelmed. Feel free to ask me any questions below! Thanks for reading 🙂

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