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I’m sure some of you will know that Universities have their own Student Unions. I knew of these before coming to Uni, however, I never actually knew what these were. So, if you’re in a similar position and would like to get to know about Edge Hill’s Student Union, I hope this post helps!

The Edge Hill Student Union are basically the face of the students attending University at Edge Hill. If you were to ever have a problem with anything, you can go to them for advice on what you can do. There has been a couple of times where I personally have needed some advice on what I can do to solve a problem I was having and they not only gave me some great advice and information, but also ensured that I had the help I needed to solve the problems and emailed me afterwards to ensure that I had gotten what I needed and was happy with how things turned out. There are some things that they cannot help with directly, but they can direct you to the group of people in the Student Information Centre or elsewhere on campus so that you can get help.

The Student Union also put on a lot of fantastic events throughout the year. I posted a blog recently about the Give It A Go programme which you can read here, but in general, it is a programme which allows students to try out new things such as Taekwondo or crafts. As well as programmes such as this, they run the SU bar- the club on campus! The SU bar is open throughout the week, but also holds specific events, such as Social on Wednesdays, where they open the Venue (the club section) up and have a DJ. They also hold a Pub Quiz once a week in which students can win cash prizes or prizes such as free pitchers.

The Student’s Union also have their own shop on campus where they sell Edge Hill shirts and hoodies, and other such items. They even sell teddy bears with little Edge Hill shirts on them! The SU Shop is next to the new Subway that’s been built on campus, so you can grab yourself something tasty for lunch and a comfy hoody if you wish!

If you have any more questions about the Student’s Union, feel free to drop me a comment, or you can check out the SU website here.

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