Give It A Go with the Student Union

Hey all, I hope you’ve had a great start to your 2018! For some of you reading this, this will be the first year of you going into University. Whether this is exciting to you or nerve-wracking, I hope your interviews and auditions are going well.

One of the things that most people look forward to is student life itself. Edge Hill has a wide variety of activities and societies to fulfil any student’s wants in terms of this, and the Student’s Union caters for a lot of these. Not only are there the events they hold during Freshers’ Week in the SU Bar and the Fairs that they help organise, but they also have a wonderful programme of activities called Give It A Go!

There’s something for everyone; the most recent schedule for January to May has sports-based events such as a Taekwondo taster, Nature Walking events, Crafternoons such as candle making and cactus planting and advice workshops on topics such as assertiveness.

I’m not so interested in sports or the advice workshops myself, however, I have attended some of the Crafternoons and SOS sessions they have to ease students into exam weeks and such. My favourite SOS event they hold is the Guide Dogs event. They invite trainers and guide dogs into the University for the students to relax and stroke them. As a dog lover, I get excited whenever they put this on! I had an exam on the 10th and they had this event on, so after my exam I went and stroked the most gorgeous dogs for a bit and it made me feel a lot less stressed!

I also went to a Crafternoon last year where I got to make my own dreamcatcher from scratch. I had wanted to make my own dreamcatchers before, but as it can be an expensive hobby I hadn’t managed to do it. But this required no payment at all, so I managed to make a dreamcatcher because of this event, so even if I can’t make any more I have my very own handmade dreamcatcher hanging by my bed now.¬†Another of the Crafternoons I went to was the cactus planting session. I’d been wanting a house plant so this seemed to be perfect timing!

One of the events I’m looking forward to is the SU Drag Race which will be taking place next month during the Student Union’s Pride Week which they hold on campus. Lots of students are looking forward to not only watching this event, but taking part in it too.

So that’s a little overview of the Student Union’s activities on and around campus! If you have any questions about Edge Hill’s Student Union’s activities or just what they do in general, then either pop them in the comments or check out their website here.

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