What to do at the weekend at Edge Hill

Hi everyone,

Today I thought I could tell you about some of the things that are available to do at the weekend in Ormskirk. When I started at Edge Hill one thing I wasn’t sure about was what to fill my time with if I have have decided not to go home for the weekend. Yet there is actually a plethora of activites for you to do!

First of all, Ormskirks famous markets are on every Saturday. There is lots of stalls, the best one is the cake stall, they do the best oreo brownies you will ever have! As well all the high street shops are open and they usually have some great student deals for you.

We are also only a short train journey from Liverpool where you can venture to do some retail therapy or visit the odeon. Another thing to do in Liverpool is Ghetto Golf which is an amazing take on crazy golf, its only £10 and it something great to for a night out or someones birthday.

Although this may not be the most exciting, the weekend is the a great time to catch up on work like note taking or essay planning. Doing this little bit of extra work will help you in the long run as well as you will be more organised for your assessments.

When I lived in halls one of our favourite things to do at the weekend was to chill in our flat and watch lots of films together, its a great way to bond with your flatmates and its lots of fun too!

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