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As we will be celebrating 100 years of votes for women in 2018, Edge Hill University is putting on a number of exciting events to commemorate this. For those that didn’t know, Edge Hill’s colours of purple and green reflect those of the Suffragette movement, signifying the University’s commitment to the equality of women and recognising its foundations as a women-only college back in 1885. The University aims to create a space for you to ask any questions to find out what more can be done to promote diversity and equality.

‘Wonder Women: 100 years of women’s suffrage,’ will celebrate the individuals who have made positive impacts on our voting system. Below is an example of free events that Edge Hill are putting on where all students are welcome!

Thursday 25th January

The Speaker of the House of Commons, the Rt Hon John Bercow will give a lecture, discussing his input with the Government’s Vote 100 project.

Wednesday 28th February

Mary and Bryan Talbot will present a lecture on their novel, Sally Heathcote: Suffragette. It will finish with a screening of the eye-opening movie, Suffragette. Suffragette tells the powerful story about the women who were willing to lose everything for equality and the right to vote.

17th May – 17th June 

This year’s festival will be centred around the theme of ‘Equalities.’ There are also plans to build a Suffrage Garden to mark the University’s involvement in the history of the Suffragist movement.

For a more detailed schedule about the upcoming events, you can click here

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