Edge Hill Accommodation – Palatine

After applying to Edge Hill, you’ll soon be asked to rank your choices for on-campus accommodation, if that’s what you chose to do. For me, it was an easy choice. My family live about 200 miles away from Edge Hill, so it was important for me that I knew I had somewhere to live that I would feel safe, comfortable and secure in – so on campus was the obvious answer.

Other than those requirements, I didn’t really need much else- but I did want my own bathroom, and fortunately for me, Edge Hill has a range of accommodation types, which include the option to have an en suite. I also knew that (as I like to eat, and therefore cook) I would want to be in a place that was self-catered, rather than have money on a card for the different food outlets on campus- which is perfect if you’ve never cooked before and are worried about surviving on just pot noodles and beans on toast!

I then, on my audition day for my course, asked some questions about accommodation and had a tour round, found out which clusters where the newest built, and therefore had other little comforts, such as a shower door instead of a curtain and white wardrobes and cupboards instead of bright colours, and used that to help in whittle down where I would want to be.

For the rest of my decision-making, to help rank my preferences on my accommodation application (because yes, Edge Hill has that much accommodation that even after splitting it down into self catered and en suite- there’s still plenty to choose from!) I decided to take the geography of the campus into consideration. As I study Musical Theatre, I knew I would mostly be based in the Arts Centre, so would like to be close to there to be able to roll out of bed for a 9 am lecture as late as possible.

This all led to me having Palatine as my first choice, and luckily for me, when the email arrived in August, that was where I was placed, and despite having to climb three flights of stairs to be on the top floor of out building, the views alone were worth it! It was also a joy to find out (especially during fresher’s week!) that we had a cleaner come into out flat every week day morning to clean the communal areas, and take the rubbish out for us.

Having looked around other universities accommodation on other open days that I visited, nothing ever quite matched up to the high standard the Edge Hill has in all of the clusters- it definitely deserves to hold the title of Best Accommodation in the Whatuni Student Choice Awards, and the winner of Best Value for Money Student Accommodation in the UK.


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