Creative Writing at Edge Hill

So, this is a pseudo-follow-on from Sean’s post about Computer Science – if you want to know more about that course, you can find it here. But I’m here to talk about Creative Writing, and some of the things you should know before starting! (Note that I’m only a 1st-year! If any 2nd/3rd-years want to input on later years, leave a comment below!)

Classes are split up… bizarrely.

So, I never expected it to be “everyone at once” or “one-to-one” by any means, but no two classes have the same setup! Here’s how my classes were split up during semester 1!

Fiction – Everyone together, then three workshop groups
Narrative Games – Group of everyone who chose it (I’ll explain a little later on!)
Scriptwriting – Two groups of roughly equal size
Building the World – All single-honour students

You do have choice on the module… ish.

When you sign up to do Creative Writing (single-honous only), you’ll get a choice of modules. [This year, the choices were either Non-Fiction or Narrative Games.] This does mean that you’ll have some choice of study, but if you and a friend pick different modules, then you’ll won’t see them in that class – it’s a double-edged sword, but always pick what you want to study most!

The department offers a land of opportunity – as long as you take them.

One of the first things taught to all new Creative Writing students is that “we are a community of writers”. And part of that means that the tutors – and sometimes even fellow students – will give you many opportunities, if you choose to take them. From visiting lectures, to plays written by the tutors and even some long-term projects (which I’m not allowed to talk about… yet.), there is something in every category for every student. It’s on the student to take advantage.

There are zero exams!

Yes, you read that correctly: no exams! Plenty of assignments, sure. But there’s no exams to revise for, to have to write a piece and a commentary in 2 hours (oh, A-Level…), to wait until August to see how good/bad you did. All assignments are marked and released within 4 weeks of the deadline, so you can get feedback in time for the next assignment!

So, that’s just some of the reasons why studying Creative Writing at Edge Hill is a great choice for any aspiring writer! If you have any further questions, leave a comment down below or email for more advice!

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