Second year summary: Semester One

Hi everyone,

Over the last couple of days I have been reflecting on how this semester has been going for me. But, now I am halfway through my time at Edge Hill which is so scary as it doesn’t feel as if it was five minutes ago I was moving into halls. So I thought today I would let you know my thoughts on how my first semester of second year is going!

I lived in catered accomomodation in my first year at Edge Hill which meant I had no cooking to do, a complete bonus! But, this year I have been living in a house with friends and I absolutely love it despite the fact I now have to cook my own meals which I have been really enjoying as we tend to cook together as a house so we definitely spend a lot of our time soicalizing in the kitchen.

Also, second year has been really enjoyable so far as I got to choose pretty much all my own modules, therefore every module has been so interesting to learn about. Especially as a literature student I am luckily able to choose modules from other departments such as creative writing and history.

Second year has also given me a new lease of confidence, I am so comfortable around my lecturers now so I definitiely have benefitted from asking more questions, one to one meetings. Using these oppurtuniities have really helped in my written work so the lesson here is to not be afraid to ask if you unsure as it means I am certainly a lot less stressed!

All in all, second year has gone well so far for me! I hope it does for you too!


I hope you found this helpful and if you have any questions please let me know!

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