Introducing me – A Primary Education student

Hello prospective students!

As this is my first blog post, I thought it is probably best to introduce myself! I am currently in my second year at Edge Hill University studying Primary Education with QTS. I hope I can give you an insight into the type of things I do as part of my course, as well as general university life.



How did I find out about Edge Hill University?

Before applying to Edge Hill, I knew I wanted to become a primary school teacher. However, I had no idea where I wanted to study it for three years. I remember the application process to be an overwhelming one as it was a new experience. I am so grateful for hearing about Edge Hill through the recommendation of my teachers and previous students. As it was voted The Times’ University of the Year when I applied, I realised that I wanted to find out more…with the help of student bloggers! I went to a LOT of open days and Edge Hill’s beautiful campus stood out by far (it even has its own beach). This, along with the lively and warm atmosphere, makes it easy to settle in and call Edge Hill home.

My Primary Education Course

Edge Hill’s Primary Education course appealed to me because you are able to specialise in chosen subjects. I decided to specialise in Science (as my major) and Art (as my minor). What does this mean exactly? It allows me to show my strengths as a teacher trainee, and develop the areas where I want to improve/ Either way, it will enhance my application when I apply for jobs and allows me to choose specific modules which I enjoy the most.

Primary Education is a hands-on and practical course which involves both independent learning and group efforts. Personally, my course has allowed me to become more confident in my teaching whilst on my placement last year. The creativity in my modules has given me exciting opportunities. From watching caterpillars evolve, to dissecting owl pellets in Science, it has been a memorable experience surrounded by supportive and enthusiastic people.

Work hard, play harder!

So, I know you might be thinking ‘does Ormskirk have any clubs?’ YES!!! Although Liverpool is only a 30-minute train ride away, most of my nights out stay in the town. For starters, Edge Hill has its own club and student bar with a variety of events that take place such as Karaoke, Social night, Bongo’s Bingo and Frat House. In town, places to visit include Alpine, Mustard and Styles (as well as many cocktail bars and pubs). Don’t panic…we have a Spoons too. The bottom line is, although Ormskirk is surrounded by countryside, there will always be something to do or somewhere to go!

Say hi!

Please comment if you would like me to expand on anything that you would like more information about. Whether it is regarding placement, accommodation or social life, please ask away!

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