SU Societies and Clubs

Hey all, hope you’re well!

As a student at Edge Hill, you get the privilege of the having our wonderful Students Union. The Students Union do two main things on campus: provide support for the students and advice with any issue, be that money issues or issues with stress or coursework, and also organise events and help fund things for students to enjoy in between classes!

Today I wanted to talk about the events that they organise, and more specifically the societies and clubs you can join. There are so many societies at Edge Hill, and something for everyone to enjoy; there are a variety of Sports societies such as the Boxing Society and Badminton Club, the Politics Society and Amnesty International Society, the Women in STEM Society, the Musical Theatre Society and Cosplay Society, and even the Medieval Re-Enactment Society and Harry Potter Society! Anything you could think of, there’s probably a society for. And the coolest thing about if there isn’t one is that you can start a society yourself for anything you feel would be good to have a society for. All the societies currently running were started by students for students, and are managed by the students themselves, so if you wanted to create a society it’s a great thing to do with your time and also something great to put on your CV!

The Societies usually run once a week or have specific meeting dates throughout the month, and are usually quite laid back. For example, with the Yu-Gi-Oh society it runs once a week for 3 and a half hours, but you don’t have to stay for the whole time and you don’t have to go to do matches- you can just go to meet like-minded people!

If you want to have a look at the list of societies and clubs that are currently running at Edge Hill, then click here.

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