The Beautiful Campus

Hey everyone, I hope you’re doing well.

One of the things that I love about being a student at Edge Hill is how beautiful the campus is. This was especially something I counted as an advantage to this specific University last year whilst living on campus, and something I also count as an advantage heading into my first clump of assessments for this year, because if I ever felt or feel stressed, down or just wanted a walk, there’s nowhere better than the Edge Hill Campus!

As I live in Ormskirk town this year, the campus isn’t as close as it was when I was living in Back Halls last year, but I still sometimes like to just come and walk around the campus if I just need a breath of fresh air and maybe some time to think about coursework or stress. Last year, there were a couple of times when it started to get darker in Winter that I went to the little beach there is on campus nearby one of the ponds and built a sandcastle, or went up to the outdoor gym equipment on the way up towards Ruff Woods and just sat and looked at the University in it’s beauty at night, with the lights on and the atmosphere calmer than during the lecture-filled day.

The campus has two ponds, which are where you’ll find our lovely ducks! Sometimes they take wanders around the campus which is super cute to see! There are also 3 cats who like to stick around campus, and they’re the friendliest cats you could meet. If you’re like me, it’s always nice to stroke one of the cats if you spot them on campus, and it helps with stress a lot! And, back to the ponds, there is a bridge near one of the ponds that gets lit up at night, and is absolutely beautiful to look at!

The campus is definitely one of the best things about the University. If you happen to come to one of the Open Days then you’ll see this for yourself (click here for more info on the open days!). When I came to my audition and went on a campus tour, I fell in love with the campus, and I knew that I’d feel happy living and being here. It was one of the biggest selling points for me really! So I’d definitely recommend you came and checked it out for yourself. If not, you can follow the University’s Instagram to see all the pictures of the campus they post!

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