York Aesthetica Film Festival Trip!

On Friday the media department hosted a trip to York’s film festival, which I was fortunately lucky enough to go on! The film festival was a long but enjoyable day, which is what I will be blogging about today, enjoy!

York Aesthetica Film Festival, or otherwise known as ASFF, is a BAFTA-recognised short film festival that takes place annually at the beginning of November in York. The festival includes film screenings, industry masterclasses, hosted networking sessions and panel discussions.

This was my third year attending the festival through the university, this being my favourite year by far! Overall, this is the festival’s seventh year running, screening films in 18 different venues across the city, it was quite popular this year. The university has run this trip every year I have been here, and for £5, you can’t go wrong. 

We started our journey at the university, in Creative Edge at 7:30. On arrival, we were given lanyards and masterclass tickets. The masterclass you attend is your own choice as when you order the ticket through the university, you are given a choice of topics to choose from. Examples of the masterclasses which the festival offers are on topics such as casting, director, camerawork and advertising.

Setting off from the University at 8 o’clock, we travelled to york on two coaches, and 3 hours later we were there!  Arriving in York my group headed embarked to the York Theatre Royal to watch the thriller selection. Turns out the theatre was very close to the car park we were dropped off at, so got there in record time to watch the judges favourite short films that were entered this year. After watching those films, we stayed and watched the thriller selection.

My 3 top picks from the festival out of the films I watched were:

  • Second to None: A gory stop-motion comedy about the oldest man in the world and his twin brother, which was made in Ireland
  • Gridlock: A thriller about a little girl who goes missing during a traffic jam on a country road. (This one was amazing!) Again, made in Ireland.
  • Wash Club: A thriller about a journalism student who discovers a tumble drier cult on campus. The film was made in the Uk.

Overall the trip was super fun, I got to watch all the films I wanted to and afterwards I got to hang out in York, going to an all you can eat and the York dungeon with my friends! For the price of the trip, I’d easily recommend it to anyone as even if you don’t think you’ll watch many films with your pass, you can still get out there and discover York, which many people did. The bus journey home was silent, as everyone was either asleep or listening to music, it was peaceful, it was sweet, and it was the perfect way to end the day.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you found it somewhat interesting. Feel free to comment on topics you’d like me to talk about.
Until next time!  

Film /Show of the day: Arrested Development (2003-)

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