Places to Eat on Campus!

No matter what course you’re studying at university, lectures are inevitable, whether they start at 9 o’clock, 2 o’clock or even 5 o’clock! You’ve got to be on campus ready, which doesn’t always leave time for grabbing food to go. That’s why today I will be highlighting the different places you can get food on campus! On campus there is a variety of shops, and restaurants, which sell different meat and vegetarian dishes, catering for a diverse range of dietary needs.

As I stated above 9am lectures are unfortunately a reality, and if you’re a coffee junkie, who needs that bit of caffeine kick before your 9am lecture, Starbucks is the place for you! Located in the centre of the hub it’s the perfect place to grab and go,  or if you have the time to sit and relax in the nearby seating area.  Additionally, the Sports Centre also has a Coffee Shop,  which serves snacks, drinks and cakes.

Subway is the recent addition on campus which everyone is loving at the moment. Pop in for a sandwich, cookie and drink on the cheap! Or if Subway isn’t your thing, right next door is the SU shop. The SU sells meal deals, from sandwiches to sushi, they have a variety of food choices, including vegetarian and vegan options. There is also chocolate and crisps on standby if you fancy something more snacky. The food options are very similar in Mccolls, located in the hub.  

If you need something to warm you up in this cold weather, both  Waters Edge and Sages sell hot food.  Other options include freshly prepared sandwiches, paninis, wraps and baguettes, jacket potatoes with a choice of hot and cold fillings, and a selection of pizzas, soups and salads! Which Café Rewind in the Faculty of Health and Social Care also sell!

If you fancy dinner and a show The Red Bar is the place for you, especially if you love Pizza! Located in the art centre, the bar is known for their pizza and fun atmosphere.

Lastly, the SU Bar offers a wide choice of refreshing drinks, stocking both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, with a range of burgers, pizzas, hot dogs and paninis available until 9pm! Additionally, next door is Nom Takeaway which serves chips, chicken nuggets, etc, until late.

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