Technology is a must for any student. From Wikipedia to Neil’s Toolbox, technology is a great help. So that’s why today I will be talking about a few online resources that I’ve used for my studies, which hopefully you can get some use out of!

Google Drive is my go-to resource when writing essays. Google Drive is an online storage space, where you can create word documents, presentations, graphs, etc. The drive is amazing for group work as you can share folders and documents, which everyone can type on at the same time! Additionally, work saves automatically so if your computer crashes or you accidentally close the web browser, it’s not the end of the world!  

If you do any course which involves screenwriting at any point such as film and tv production or creative writing, celtx will be your number one friend! When writing a script there’s a lot of dos and don’t when it comes to formatting. However, celtx is an online resource which does all the formatting for you, letting you release your creative and not worry about all the little details. I first used celtx in a screenwriting module in first year, and haven’t stopped using it to write scripts since. And the best part about celtx is that the basic account, which is all that you need is completely free! Additionally, you can use the online version of celtx or downloaded celtx to your laptop!  

Next up is Neil’s Toolbox. Neil’s toolbox is a website that helps you generator references for books, e-mails, journals and websites! All you have to do is input the information, and the rest is done for you, ready for you to copy and paste into your bibliography. Which makes referencing a whole lot easier!

And finally, there is one very important resource to mention which is Blackboard. Blackboard is a learning platform which works on an array of different devices, as well as having an app! Blackboard is important to note as all your lecture powerpoints and information are stored on there. Blackboard is also important as it is where you can find your module handbooks and Turnitin, when you’ve done an essay!

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you found it somewhat useful. Feel free to comment any topic ideas you’d like to hear.
Until next time!  

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