Edge Hill’s Learning Services!

So here we are. Last week I blogged about all the different support and services Edge Hill has to offer except one: Learning services. So that is what we will be talking about today, hope you enjoy!

The learning service team is located in the library. The team can help with an array of issues. An example of help they can offer is helping you work the wifi on campus!

An important team within learning services is the disability support team!  The disability support teams provide a range of specialist study skills support, to help you develop strategies that you can use in your studies and other areas of your life.

Some areas of help they offer include planning essays, time management, organisational skills, note-taking techniques, reading strategies, referencing,  proofreading strategies, and more! The disability team can help you apply for DSA, which as someone who went through this process, I can say for certain that the team are wonderful when it comes to giving help and advice!

Learning service can also teach you how to use the library catalogue. The online library catalogue works similarly to google scholar, as you can type in keywords to find your subject, however, with this resource you have full access to the books and readings.

The catalogue has both online and physical readings, which is great in case you can’t make it down to campus as you can narrow your search to online texts and look through those.
Additionally, you can look and see if the book you want is currently available at the library and reserve books to collect later at the library! There are also computers stationed around the library dedicated solely to the catalogue.  

Learning services can also help with printing. There are printing and photocopying machines dotted around the entire library. They are all connected to one network so as soon as you click print you can log into any printer and print from there, minimising the queues of students waiting to use one printer. You can top up your printing credit at the learning services desk!

Thanks for reading this short but sweet blog post, if you have any topics you want to hear more about then make sure to comment!
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