Being at university can be hard at times, and not always for the reasons you’d think, like essays and deadlines. No, university can be hard when you feel like you haven’t got the right support or have an issue that you don’t know how to solve. So that’s why today I will be talking about the different support Edge Hill offers, to stop you from ever feeling that way!

First, off we have the Careers Centre. Now I have blogged on this one before, as it’s a great service that I think all students should know about. The career centre is an on-campus support, located in the student services building, which is available for 1st years onwardsThe centre aims to help students develop their employability, by offering opportunities which help you gain skills and relevant work experience! The centre offers one-to-one appointments where you can seek guidance on a variety of career-related topics from application advice, CV writing, interview techniques, etc. So feel free to book an appointment if you need any advice and don’t be scared to take a notebook and pen with you, the advice you receive in the meeting may land you your dream job!
They also hold 
on-campus events throughout the year. These events are usually located in the Hub and are key networking areas for you to interact with a range of employers offering a variety of part-time, volunteering and graduate opportunities!  Overall if you’re looking for a job, or a way to gain transferable skills, or even work experience, the career centre is a great place to start!

Next up is the Campus Life Team! Their main priority is helping students settle into hectic university life. The Campus Life Team oversee all of Edge Hill University’s halls of residence and organise events on campus to help you make the most of your on-campus experience.
Their services include support on making friends, ensuring you live in a safe and secure environment and making you feel part of the Edge Hill community in general! 

Now onto a team that many people unfortunately never hear much of: the inclusion team. The inclusion team is a group whose main priority is to provide information, guidance and support to students, with additional needs and work closely with academic and support staff across the University. This is extremely helpful if you are someone who would benefit from extra support whether that be due to a disability or family circumstances, the team cover all the bases. So if you feel that you could benefit by having a chat with the team, go for it! As their main goal is to help you live as independently as possible, by getting you all the support you may need!

Next up we have Student Services. Student services provide advice and support in a variety of areas, including accommodation, money, wellbeing and much more!

Money wise student services offer loads of support, such as:

  • Scholarships: The University offers a range of scholarships which are worth up to £2,000. The scholarships celebrate determination, commitment and achievement in a variety of areas. Which student services can help you apply for.
  • Student Support Fund – which is available to provide help for full-time students who have serious financial difficulties.
  • Dealing with worry over money: The Money Advice team can help you with any worries you might have relating to your finances, by helping you to find solutions to the money worries you might be experiencing.

Within student services, there is also the accommodation team, which offers different services from allocating rooms to providing advice on off-campus housing issues. If you have any issues or complaint to do with your halls on campus, or issues you may be having off campus, then your next step should be the accommodation team!

And finally, there is the Health and Wellbeing team. The team offer support and advice to all students, who have any issues which may be impacting on their wellbeing. The team also regularly run a number of events throughout the academic year in the hub creating a conversation around important subjects such as sexual health, diet and exercise, and drugs and alcohol abuse. If you have any worries or concerns, then contact the team, as they will always be happy to help you!

Seeing as this post is becoming a bit long, I’ll leave the last service for next time. So tune in next week to hear all about the learning services that Edge Hill provides.
Until next time!

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