The Benefits of Having a Part-Time Job!

University is all about seizing every opportunity in front of you. And one of those opportunities might include part-time work! It may seem weird to you now, having a job, if you’re in your first year and have never worked a day in your life.
However, I’ve been working part-time since my first year and have personally loved it! So because of that today I will be talking about the benefits of having a part-time job while studying!

So the first obvious benefit of having a part-time job is moneyThat extra bit of income you earn from your job can go towards rent, bills, and your savings for after university!
You can use it for fun things like shopping trips, going out or your Netflix account.


Secondly, there are the CV benefits of having a job, as when you’re writing or updating your CV, showing that you have had previous experience in employment will always look good no matter if it has anything to do with the job you’re applying for. Also, employers can act as a reference for you later on in life!

Socialising is additionally an important aspect of university life, and having a part-time job shouldn’t stop that! Whatever job you choose to do in life, whether that’s teaching or creating video games, you’ll always have to talk to people, which working in certain jobs such as marketing and retail will help you do. You can always socialise with your coworkers and create connections and friendships through that!

And finally, it’s a great way of improving your skill set!  Having a part-time job will help you gain a wide range of skills including communication, teamwork and punctuality. Which you can mention when you’re writing a CV as every skill is transferable. For example, timekeeping. In your CV  you can talk about the importance of keeping to time and schedules, as you juggle your degree, social life and a part-time job, all at once!

I hope you learnt something from this post, as having a part-time job can be very rewarding, as long as you can balance it with your studies. And in many cases, can help you later in life.
Until next time!

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