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I recently uploaded a blog on the different types of accommodation, which I will link below now;

Life at Edge Hill: On-Campus Accommodation

This blog is a more general view of the accommodation that is on offer on campus at Edge Hill, so I wanted to offer a more personal view of the accommodation I was living in; the Margaret Bain (all female) Back Halls!

When applying for accommodation, you get to choose 5 different halls in which you would be happy with, in order of your first to last choice. Obviously, as a lot of students apply there’s the odd chance you might not get your first option, but they try their hardest to fit everyone where they want and both me and most of the people I know who lived on campus actually did get their first choice! I made Back Halls my first choice for a variety of reasons; it was fairly close to the centre of the campus, I didn’t mind sharing a bathroom, it was the cheapest option (so I could spend more money on food and social things!), and when I went on an accommodation tour when I auditioned for my course I loved how spacious the rooms were!

I don’t have any decent pics of my room last year, but it basically looked like this, but with the bookcase on top of the desk and the bedside cabinet at the end of the bed!

The great thing about Back Halls is that although it’s the cheapest option for on-campus accommodation, it’s not a dump! I know a lot of people worry about cheap Uni accommodation but I was more than happy with the building and even miss the homeliness of my room last year! The only real big different to the more expensive accommodation options, for example Founders Court and Chancellors Court/South, is that you share a bathroom with your cluster and you don’t get an ensuite or TV/computer in your room. Every accommodation has a shared kitchen, so that’s not any different to other buildings! The kitchens and bathrooms are maintained throughout the week by a cleaner that the Uni hire, the only time you have to keep it clean is throughout the weekend. So, it’s always clean, and to be honest I rarely even had an issue of waiting for showers or the toilet! There are also so many pros to not spending more money on accommodation:

  • You have more money for food (and Dominos… I know what you’re all thinking!)
  • You have more money for shopping and general student habits
  • You have more money to go to restaurants etc. on nice occasions
  • You have more money to go on nights out!

Another thing that I found amazing about Back Halls is that it’s the only accommodation on campus that has a proper declared common room area. There is a TV in this room that has a license paid for by the Uni and sofas for you and your flatmates to all sit and talk, get to know each other at Freshers’, and enjoy some TV together. It’s just such a wonderful atmosphere!

There are also even more perks this year than there was last year. Here are some of the new and old things I loved about its location:

  • Last year I loved the fact that Back Halls is right next to the SU bar! Not only is this good for going to the events, as it’s literally a 2 minute walk, but there is also the SU takeaway there too, the SU shop where you can buy clothes and Edge Hill merch and there’s now even a brand new Subway!
  • You just have to walk through the corridor that links all of these together and you’re right in front of the Hub. This is super useful if you want to use the computers on the top floor or drop in to get a Starbucks! It’s also a 5 minutes walk away from the library, which was useful when I’d forgotten to grab a book or two.
  • It’s just around the corner from the Durning Centre, where you collect post. Just round the corner from that there is also an exit to the Uni which takes you just outside Ruff Woods- the beautiful woods that are just outside the Uni. I loved just popping up there for a walk when I was stressed or just needed alone time.

Another great thing you’ll find about living in student accommodation is the friends you make! Of course, living with strangers can be nerve-wracking, and you might not be best friends with everyone, that’s just the nature of getting to know people, but you will find friends for life on campus. I’m living with two girls I was living with next year this year too, by choice, because we got so close last year! And I wouldn’t have met either of them if I wasn’t living in that building, so I’m forever grateful for the chance to meet likeminded and fun people that the on-campus accommodation and Back Halls gave me!

If you want to know any more about my experience, any questions you want, drop me a comment! I hope this has given you an idea of what it’s like and the pros of living in student accommodation!

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