Throw yourself in!

So it is more or less a month until Freshers Week has finished and the excitement of beginning your course kicks in! By now you know if you’ve got into Uni (congratulations class of 2020!) and hopefully you’ve started… maybe even finished getting your things organised.

It is an extremely exciting time for you, a whole new beginning and opportunity for you to embark on things and opportunities that may not have been presented to you before. So what are you excited for?! There’s plenty of societies to join (at Freshers Fair), people to meet in halls and on your course. There’s also plenty to explore, i.e. the whole of Ormskirk with its hidden treasures, Liverpool where there’s plenty to do at all hours of the day!

You have the opportunity to grow and develop as a person during your three years at University, broadening your horizons. Uni allows you to converse with people of similar mindsets and tutors who have handfuls of experience and love helping you out. You have to be confident enough to draw on their experience and not be afraid to ask for help if you feel you need it! You will find yourself in a network of tutors and peers of whom you can speak to and ask for support, they will help you and in return, you will help them!

Putting yourself out of your comfort zone is something you will find yourself doing a lot, may that be during your course with an assignment or task or even just speaking to new people! It sets you well when finding a job, going for interviews and most importantly equips you for your whole career! University is the place to come if you’re ready for a new adventure, exciting learning and broadening your horizons!

Good luck on your course and don’t be anxious to throw yourself out there!

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