A – Z of Edge Hill

To end my time of blogging I thought I would give you an A – Z of everything Edge Hill has to offer:

A – Arts Centre – The arts centre is the place to watch theatre and get involved and the great thing is its on campus.

B – Buildings – Edge Hill are always changing their campus and creating new buildings for you.

C – Campus Uni – Having everything in one place is a great advantage as you are never too far away from anything.

D – Ducks – Edge Hill is full of wildlife and it really does make the place feel like a happier place.

E – Experience – Edge Hill are focused on your experience as the student.

F – Friends/Family – Your Uni friends become like family when you start Uni.

G – Going home – Visiting home can be great when you’re at Uni but make sure you get the right balance.

H – Halls – Living on campus is a great opportunity because you meet people who are all in the same position as you and you are close to everything for your first year of Uni.

I – Interactive staff – the staff at Edge Hill really care about you.

J – Join in – get involved with as much as you can and meet as many people as possible.

K – Kick start your career – The Career’s Centre at Edge Hill is great for you even when you have left as they can help you for up to two years after you have finished your degree.

L – Library – the library is a great place to study and it is designed for you.

M – Moving out – make sure you are organised before you need to leave home.

N – Night life – the night life in Ormskirk is great and really cheap.

O – Ormskirk – it may seem like the middle of nowhere but there is actually a lot to do and many shops in Ormskirk.

P – Parking – we have free parking at Uni which is a great bonus but I advise that if you can, use public transport as it can get quite busy.

Q – Questions – don’t be afraid to ask questions.

R – Rabbits – it’s great to be able to study while watching wildlife with Edge Hill’s very own rabbits.

S – Scholarships – make the most of applying for as many as you can get as you never know whether you will be lucky or not.

T – Trips – Uni organised trips are often offered at a discounted price so make the most of it.

U – Union (SU) – the SU are there to ensure you get the best experience and they are there for you.

V – Visually attractive campus – Edge Hill take pride in their campus and it really makes you feel at home when you are there.

W – Waters Edge – another great cafe that you can find in the education building if the other locations are a bit busier

X – XMAS – Christmas at Uni can be so much fun.

Y – Y not?

Z – ZZZ, Well that was tiring but that is my A – Z of Uni. I have really enjoyed my three years here and can’t believe it is over. Good luck with you next chapter and I hope you all enjoy Edge Hill as much as I have.

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