If I could start all over again!

I am less than a week away from beginning my first secondary math teaching post!¬†Well it’s very scary and surreal! I have nearly finished prepping my classroom and about to start planning my lessons! For the class of 2017, three years of uni has prepared us for our new careers and now it’s here! For all you lucky Uni starters your journey is just beginning!

You will now know if you got into uni- what a relief! Hopefully it’s all sunk in and you’re excited to begin your new adventure! So now the curiosity sets in as you wonder about things such as: what will my room be like, will I live with people on my course, will I make friends!?

Well yes of course you’ll make friends! Most people will be in a position where they know little or no people going to Edge Hill! There are plenty of activities going on during the week that will allow you to meet new people! These are run by the Student Union, with the line up available here!

Freshers week is the first week, which begins with welcome Sunday! This week is full of activities and introductions to uni! You will have receive a timetable for your corse on your first week which will include talks from the library and more intimate meet ups with people on your course! This gives you a solid start at Edge Hill as not only will you be more equipped to use the facilities, you will also have people to go with!

I can’t emphasise enough how much You should join a society or jump into the social scene with your flat mates! These people will stick by you for the next three years and hsipefukky you will make some friends for life!

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