Campus Developments

So, if you have visited for a campus tour, or attended the Open Day on 19th August, you may be wondering what all the building work is that’s going on!

If you turned right when leaving the hub, you may have noticed the building work going on outside Wilson, on the old running track (do not fear: we’ve got another virtually new running track right next to the Sports Centre).

One of those developments, which will be completed in two phases – the first opening will be September 2017, and another will be sometime during 2018 – are the townhouses, specifically designed for 2nd and 3 years and post-graduate students. Previously, campus accommodation was only available for 1st year students, unless you had a specific reason for staying in halls, so this new development is incredibly exciting!

Living on campus was the best experience of my life: I made so many new friends; I was always on campus if there was paid work to be done; I was close to the library if I had forgotten something. In addition to all that, living in such a peaceful and beautiful environment was truly wonderful.

I’m even considering doing a post-grad, just so I can live on campus again.

So, if you’re a prospective student looking for 2018 or 2019 entry, it may be that it’s the possibility of living on campus for the full three years that sways you towards Edge Hill. I know accommodation was a big factor for me, so it may be for you too.

If you came on the open day, you may also know that we couldn’t show all of the Main Halls and Back Halls accommodation. This is because Edge Hill, over the summer, has been improving and renovating this accommodation, making them even more homely and welcoming for new students starting in September 2017.

As you may know, we were voted the Best Student Accommodation Award by the National Student Housing Survey Awards in 2016. We have beautiful accommodation, and not too badly priced either! I’m sure you’ll agree, if you come and take a look.

The open days this year are: 7th October, 11th November and 2nd December.

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