A Week in the Life

Hey everyone!

First I want to congratulate everyone who received their results last week and are starting Edge Hill in less than a months time.

Well done and welcome to the family!

I thought since you would all be First Year students in a few weeks it would be useful to give you a rundown of a typical week at uni and an insight into Student Life.

To find out more about your course or moving into halls you can visit the Edge Hill Getting Started page here.

For now though here’s an example week of my second year studying English Literature.



I chose to take a Creative Writing module in second year, Writing for Roleplaying Games, and this commenced my week with a one hour lecture followed by a two hour workshop.

The lecture often introduced a new topic and terms, then the workshop involved group discussion and activities.

This was my only class for the day so the afternoon often involved time in the library for research or to work on assignments.

In the evenings our tutor ran a Roleplaying session for us to try out tabletop games and was a fun extra to the module.



A day off today! I usually used Tuesday’s to recap any readings for classes later in the week.

I also had a part time job and worked shifts on Tuesday’s, this worked around my course and brought in a little extra money.



Back to lectures today, a 9:00 am start on Renaissance Literature.

I often spent Wednesday afternoons with some friends, we would grab lunch at the SU or play cards outside if there was some sunshine.

Caution: if you bring snacks while sitting outside on campus you will attract the ducks.


I had two lectures on Thursday’s, Vampire Fictions and First World War Poetry.

I found it useful to spend some time going over the lecture PowerPoints before the class, otherwise the classes tended to blur into one mass of information.

Edge Hill has Go is usually regularly uploaded with resources for modules by your tutors and I would highly recommend taking advantage of that!


After Thursday’s lectures it’s time for two seminars to discuss the weeks texts and ideas for assignments.

This usually required a lot of preparation the night before to make sure I had the right books to use in class!


Finally the weekend and a chance to visit home for a couple of days, get a head start on the upcoming reading or meet up with friends in Ormskirk.


It’s not all work and no play at uni, but a strong balance is something to strive for 🙂


Until next time


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