Liverpool is pretty cool

Hey all, hope you’re doing well!

After results day I know many of you will be preparing to make the move to Edge Hill in just under a month, and if you live far away then I’m sure you might not have much experience of both Ormskirk and the nearest big city; Liverpool!

I don’t live too far away, living in West Yorkshire, yet I had never been to Liverpool and didn’t know what to expect of the city. It’s safe to say it now definitely has a special place in my heart, and has so many great qualities to it that you’ll come to know and love over your time here at Edge Hill.

The monument outside of Liverpool’s China Town

There are many different things I can talk about in Liverpool, but I’ll start with the shops. It’s something many people love to do and something students get tempted to do with their student finance (but make sure you don’t spend it all!), and there are a whole load of great shops in Liverpool. Liverpool even has its own outdoor shopping centre- Liverpool One. To name just a few of the shops you might be interested in, there is a Lush shop, a Forever 21 and a huge Primark, various music shops and book shops, and almost any big name shop you could name.

As well as these shops, there are also a lot of food places. There’s something for more or less everything you could be craving: if you want junk food, there’s McDonalds, KFC and such, if you’re looking for something more interesting there’s a lovely Chinese restaurant I’ll gladly call my favourite named Tokyo, just a short walk away from the train stations, towards China Town. Not only do they do wonderful food there, but it’s also super cheap for the huge portions they give you! And if you’re not looking for food, there are the usual drinks shops, Starbucks and Costa to name two, and even places such as MooBoo, which sells amazing bubble tea.

The Town Hall when there was a Dreamworks event at Christmas

Even if you’re not looking to spend anything and just want a nice day out, the city centre is beautiful. It’s the kind of city than you can just wander around and check it out.

So whenever you do get the chance to go into Liverpool and do just that, I’d definitely take it!

I’ve linked below to my post about Ormskirk for if you want to also hear some info on the town most of you will be living in, and I hope you have a great day!


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