Starting Uni and Making Friends

If you’re staying in halls, you’ve most likely been told by now what accommodation you’ll be staying in for first year. When I got my confirmation, I soon after joined the Facebook group for my building – which is overseen by your student advisor (SA). This is a great way to connect with people living near you, and find out who exactly you’re sharing a cluster with. This is how I met one of my hallmates before actually arriving at uni on Welcome Sunday, who I later went on to live with in second year!

I’m sure you’ve heard of how you should wedge your door open at the start of uni to initiate conversations and get to know people, and this is fair advice, but I found that talking to people in the kitchen or communal area is more effective – just maybe not first thing in the morning!

The events that take place during fresher’s week are perfect for flat bonding, going out with your new neighbours can be a great way to get to know them. Fresher’s fair is also a good shout, as you can then easily find common ground in the society and club stalls around you, which are also a great way to meet people!

I signed up for far, far too many societies during fresher’s fair, and no doubt many others did too – it’s not uncommon. Nonetheless, try and get to a few of the first meetings for these clubs, as you might find a new passion or meet someone who you inevitably click with.

Since you’re (hopefully) going to be spending a lot of time studying, then you should also get to know your coursemates, for studying purposes if nothing else! In biology, the first week is largely an introduction week. We headed to Chester Zoo which was a lovely way to get to know people in biology, but the best thing for bonding the class together was the trip to Cyprus in November.

But ultimately, you can’t force friendships! Put yourself in good situations, talk to people, and the best friendships will form naturally. Be yourself and you’ll attract similar people!

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