Some words of encouragement

CONGRATULATIONS if you managed to get the grades and have been accepted at the university of your choice. There is no better feeling than knowing you have put in the effort and have been rewarded for it.

Make sure you celebrate! You’ve worked hard to get to this point, and you’re about to embark on 3 stressful, but crazy, wonderful years.

My own A Level Results Day was bittersweet; I had got my place at university, but not received the grades I wanted. If you’re in the same position that I was, please do not feel defeated! It is important to remember that you got to where you wanted to be! You have so much left to learn and will grow so much over the next 3 years. Do not let your grades define you.

  • If, unlike me, you did better than expected, make sure to drop the Adjustment team a call, on 0808 144 66 44.
  • If you didn’t get the grades you wanted, why not try our clearing line, on 0800 028 66 77.

It may seem odd that as a teacher, I am telling you that grades do not matter, but the truth is, they don’t. They do not define your worth or your ability. It won’t feel like it now – but it will one day. It may feel like an awful situation to have found yourself in, but there is always, always another option. I like to believe that when one door closes, another opens – a better, brighter, more exciting door.

Many of my friends did not receive the grades they wanted on results day, but they still persevered, and are on track for their dream now. One of my friends chose to go back to college to improve their grades, which paid off, as they’re now on the degree of their dreams. Another didn’t get the grades for the degree she wanted, but phoned clearing and got offered a different course. She’s currently on track for a upper second class degree and is planning to apply through UCAS this year for the degree she needs for her future career. Both of my friends decided to take the long route, but it has most certainly paid off, with a little bit of faith.

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