Moving In!

Hey all! This Summer has gone by fast and it’s drawing ever near to Welcome Sunday and most of next year’s students’ moving in day!

If you’re one of those people, I’m sure you’ll either be super prepared and ready to take on Freshers’ week, or you’ll not know where to start! I was definitely the latter… not only did I leave my packing so late that I was packing last bits minutes before leaving to Edge Hill, but I also didn’t have a clue what to expect. When you’re starting a new adventure, you never really do know what to expect, but I’m here to give you some info and advice to hopefully help moving in feel easier for you!

Well, based on what I’ve just said… DON’T LEAVE PACKING TILL THE DAY OF MOVING! I repeat: do not. It was a terrible decision, I’ve never felt more worried to leave things in my life, and I did leave things… They weren’t anything I couldn’t live without, but if you’re like me, double, triple, and quadruple checking you have everything the night before (or even the night before that) is something that you prioritise, and I couldn’t do that because I left it to be so last minute!

Once you actually arrive at the University, the biggest bit of advice I can give you is take every advantage you can from the staff and students who are there to help you. They are all trained and given the information you need to know, so don’t be afraid to ask them anything! The enrolment process at Edge Hill is super easy and stress-free; upon arriving, I was sent in the right direction of the enrolment building, then upon arriving in this building, the system followed in a line. Once I had completed one part of enrolment, I just had to walk a little bit forward to the next section, and there were people who made sure I was definitely enrolling without any problems. I loved the fact I didn’t have to drag myself around tonnes of different rooms to make sure I did everything- it was so easy and I knew I had done everything I needed to because of the wonderful system.

Once you get to your room, my next biggest tip is to make sure you sort your room out; don’t let it get messy because it’ll stay that way all year! I know a lot of people will want to get out and party for Freshers’, but this is the place you’ll be living in for 9 months and you need to create an environment you’ll be happy in!

Above all, moving in to Edge Hill seems like a huge step into independence and can be very nerve-wracking, but upon arrival and seeing the lovely staff and students, I promise you you’ll start to feel at home. Ask people for help if you need it, and just take every moment in your stride, because new experiences like this only happen once!

If you have any questions, feel free to pop them in the comments section, and I hope you all have a great weekend!

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