What to do whilst waiting for results day

In the time approaching results day it can be nerve wracking for everyone involved. As I have mentioned before making sure you are prepared for results day is one of the most important things to do. Make sure you have clearing numbers, numbers to contact the university and and any other information that’ll help you secure your place.

Other things that you can do include updating your CV. If you move to a new city there are always plenty of job opportunities and at Edge Hill there are lots of jobs available within the university so it’s definitely worth being prepared to make sure you are ready to apply. Include any relevant experience including previous work experience or volunteering. You may wish to print copies of your CV ready to bring to university with you so you can easily get a foot in the door and apply for jobs straight away if you are wishing to work. If you aren’t it’s still beneficial to have a CV ready, placements may wish to see it or you may see a job that you wish to apply for in the future. 

Start to think about what you may need, the time after results day leading up to move in day will go by in a flash. Use this time to think about what you wish to bring with you, sites such as Pinterest or the student room have lots of helpful lists and suggestions. Remember that if you are moving into halls you will need to consider items such as bedding, towels and kitchenware. I would suggest thinking about your budget and then working around this, get the essentials and then use what you have left to get decorative items to make it feel more homely. 

Think about what you may do with your current employment. Many people have part time or even full time jobs before starting university. You may need to find out about a period of notice that you may have to give at work before coming to university and whether you could continue working. You may wish to have an informal discussion with you manager about your intentions and see what they can offer you in terms of your future. Some may keep you on record to return during holidays or busy periods but not all employers can offer this. Think about writing a letter of resignation as this is a formal process and also discuss the possibility of references with your employer if you do decide to leave. 

Another thing to do is look at the getting started area on the Edge Hill website. There you will find lots of information about welcome Sunday, moving in and about the university itself. It’s the go to place for anything you need to know before you arrive on welcome Sunday.

And lastly enjoy the holidays, make the most of your time at home, spend time with you family and friends and relax before you start the next stage of your education.

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