Leaving home worries

For a lot of you, going to Uni will be the first time you have moved away from home. I was so nervous about moving out because I was so used to living at home and having everything done for me.

Something that I found really useful was when my mum made me do everything for myself as though I was living on my own. I did my own washing, cooking and ironing for a week. This allowed me the chance to make mistakes and learn how to do everything for myself before I had to.

One of the hardest things for me was not having my mum there to give me advice and look after me when I’m poorly. However, I realised that this wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be as I can just pick up the phone anytime and by not moving too far away I can just visit home whenever I want.

I think that leaving home has actually made me closer to my family as I appreciate the time I have with them more and everything they do for me.

There is nothing that I can say that will stop you feeling worried and this is not unusual. However, I can tell you how important it is to start getting prepared early. Start packing as soon as possible and get yourself ready for living by yourself. If you are confident about that then you can concentrate on settling in and making as many new friends as possible rather than worrying about how to turn the cooker on.

Another thing to remember is that everyone is feeling the same and even if they don’t show it initially there will be times when they are missing home or feeling worried and so don’t feel like you are the odd one out.

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